Repository moved

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I tried to install the Twyna project today after almost three years. Unfortunately SourceForge has changed their hosting policy so I couldn’t pull the packages from the repository.

Because of this I have moved the repository to my own server. There are probably quite a few more bugs and version issues but bugged software is better than no software :)

New sources.list line:

deb ./

End of a Project

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It’s unfortunate for Twyna, but a good thing for us: we’ve finished our Bachelor thesis and our internship is over. We have presented our project to our employers and some interested colleagues and flatmates and we’ve handed all our code and documentation over to the knowledge development center. Of course, it remains Open Source, but we’re no longer the ones maintaining it. We hope that the center will be able to find some time to maintain the project, or find some capable students to do it for them.

We also hope that you’ll enjoy our software as it is. We believe that especially the OS deployment software is quite usable in its current form. If you have improvements, bugfixes, patches and whatnot, don’t hesitate to send them to either us ( our coach from the knowledge center (r.greven at saxion dot nl) or both.

Kind regards,
Remco and Tim

Application Distribution Online!

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We’ve been working hard the last few weeks to finish a very basic application distribution system. And it’s starting to look nice: we can push our own packages to clients and call functions on them, so to speak, like “install” or “start your service”. Install the Debian package twyna-package-webservice on your webserver and twyna-client-agent on your Java enabled targets to give it a try (but not before you read the relevant parts in the Installation Manual ;) ).

Also we’ve added some basic HTTP authentication to Noodly, the OS deploy system. For more information on this, read Securing the Noodly Webservice and do an apt-get upgrade. In that order ;)

When you’re upgrading you’ll notice that twyna-all will be kept back, because that now also depends on twyna-package-webservice. The twyna-sftp-manager package also has a new dependency on sshfs version 2.0 or higher, because it turns out we can’t script lower versions. The Installation Manual has had an overhaul to reflect these changes.

If you wish to build your own packages, take a look at the Package XML Format and the example package Power Management that we supply with the web service.

Version 0.1.1 Is Online!

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I’m uploading a new version of our software to the repository as we speak. This fixes quite a few bugs and SHOULD install correctly out of the box on at least a Ubuntu 9.04 server machine. See our bugs page for more details. We have renamed packages and generally moved things around a lot, so the installation procedure has changed a bit (for the better, we hope) and also you can’t just apt-get upgrade this one.

Oh, and you get a free new “feature”: we’ve added GParted as a default distribution ;)

Edit: It’s all on there. Enjoy :)

First Release Online!

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The first part of our system, the part that allows PCs to boot over the network and install or clone them, is nearing completion. If you follow the new link Installation you’ll find a manual that explains how you can install this system in your own network and play with it. Mind you, it isn’t finished yet and you’ll probably run into a few bugs (especially with the installation procedures), but most of it should be working once installed.

Also, the first screenshot has hit the wiki, for those who only try new software if it looks good ;)

As always, feedback is much appreciated!

Design Choices

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We’ve been working on this project for about two months now, and the first proper lines of code are hitting the subversion server (our own, not the Sourceforge one, sorry for that ;) ). We’ve made the choice to split the design into two separate subsystems; one to ease the use of PXE booting and the cloning of harddisks over a network and another to distribute applications and manage running machines. You can find a few badly written notes and some diagrams on the wiki about this.

There’s a good chance, however, that we will be able to use an Open Source project nicknamed Apache ACE, that’s currently in the Apache incubator, for the latter, so for now we’re concentrating our efforts on the former. And it’s starting to look good. At the end of next week we hope to have a working demo, two weeks later we should be wrapping things up. So you should be seeing code pretty soon. If you’re interested in playing with an alpha version or if there’s something you think our software really can’t do without, feel free to drop us a line :P

Launch of a New Project

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Dear visitors,

This website is dedicated to the project Twyna, which has only just started development. We’re sorry to admit that there isn’t anything available for download yet, just some scarce notes on a wiki :P

But our project holds a promise for one simple reason; we are two Computer Science students working on this project for our Bachelor internship. If we fail to get something working, we fail our Bachelor degrees, so we’re pretty motivated ;)

So please check back in a few months and feel free to contact us at!